Introducing all new range of Pet Health Care Products in India
Introducing all new range of Pet Health Care Products in India Pet Natural Remedies

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Guide on How to Travel With Your Dog 

Traveling with your dog can be a great experience. You must plan it well to have a meaningful and memorable experience instead of not too pleasant surprises surfacing often during the journey. So it all starts with a planned preparation. 

Travel tips for dogs: Things to do 

* Research about the prevailing policies. This covers areas like transportation restriction, hotel and             accommodation policies at the destination about pet, documentation requirement to carry the pet with   you... etc. 

* Have a detailed health check-up by the vet and undertake the necessary vaccination done along with a   fitness certificate from the vet 

* Shopping for the travel gear for the pet 

* Place a microchip with his identification, pet license no .. etc. 

* Decide on the mode of travel that includes by car, air or train etc. Normally the dogs are comfortable       with the idea of driven by a car as they are already experienced with you traveling within the city by         car. 

* Travel by car with your pet is always the preferred transportation mode and great travel tips with dogs 

* Contact coordinates of a vet at the travel destination and one/two on the road ( in case of emergency) 

Your Dogs packing list: Travel tips for dogs 

* Keep pet license & ID, medical history file, emergency essentials (Orthoron, Reliflam, Topicure Pet) and   all-natural treats like Digestive Bites, Derma Bites Smart Bites... etc

* Food for the road along with water bottle and vessels/plates.

* Dog beds/Crates

* Toys and Treats: Recommended treats are " All variants of Bites”

* Collars & Leash

* Dryer Sheet

* Fresh Me Up ( Dry Shampoo)

Travel tips for dogs: Your travel starts now 

* Prevent Stress for both of you while traveling 

* Keep him /her calm on the road: Give them their favourite toy or Bites or a gentle massage with               eucalyptus oil so they feel relaxed and comfortable when traveling. 

* Never leave him/her alone in the car. 

* Feed him much before the travel starts and take him out for natures call few times before the journey. 

* Stop your car every 2 hours. Feed him a small protein meal and take him around for potty and urine          break. 

Taking out your pooch on your next holiday with you would just add to the fun. All you need to do is your homework and follow the travel tips for dogs. Enjoy your trip,happy journey and have a great holiday. 

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